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The Music of Will White 


Vociferous (adj): marked by or given to vehement insistent outcry. 

Welcome to the music of songwriter Will White. Born and bred in the musically fertile southeast USA, Will grew up truly steeped in the rich and varied folk traditions of that storied region. His roots span the breadth of the South, from tidewater Virginia and the Carolina low-country, across the mountains of West Virginia and Tennessee, down to the Mississippi River. His songs reflect that heritage: bluegrass, Appalachian old-time, Delta blues, gospel and country, all stirred up together, sung and played on 5-string banjo, acoustic and National steel slide guitar. It's Acoustic Americana Fusion. Ralph Stanley meets Big Joe Williams, Hank Sr., and John Prine. 

Will performs solo and in various configurations with Edmonton's Byron Myhre (fiddle, mandolin) and Calgarian Dale Ulan (upright bass).

Will was born in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and raised ineastern North Carolina, surrounded by tobacco farms and cornfields and woods. He learned to sing and play from a young age at pig-pickin’s and bluegrass jam sessions. Will married a girl from the Rocky Mountains of Canada, where they live now in Alberta.

The Angel of Marye's Heights title song Fredericksburg 1862 - Will White w/ Juanita Brandt & Dale Ulan

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