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A documentary by Clint Ross
The Angel of Marye's Heights
The life and legacy of Sergeant Richard Rowland Kirkland

"In late July a dramatic, half-hour documentary on the life and legacy of Sgt. Richard Kirkland was partially filmed in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania area. Two members of the NCWLF board, John Cummings and Michael Aubrecht, appeared in the film as local historians. (Aubrecht also acted as co-producer and consultant for the project.) Through interviews filmed on location at Prospect Hill and the Civil War Life Museum both men shared their unique insights on the experiences of the Confederate soldier and "The Angel of Marye's Heights." Kirkland's image has become an important part of the NCWLF's branding and represents the foundation's vision to preserve and present ALL sides of Civil War history. A special commercial was also filmed on site for the NCWLF. The video will be posted online and submitted to local television programming. Other interviewees included Civil War artist Mort Kunstler, award-winning audio book writer Megan Hicks, National Park Service Ranger Donald Phanz, as well as Camden S.C. historian and author of "The Long Role" Joseph Matheson. The film's music is being composed by Canadian Bluegrass musician Will White who wrote a song about Kirkland called "Fredericksburg 1862." The movie is slated for a December 12 release on the anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg. An opening event is being sponsored through the NCWLF with plans to install the film as a permanent show at the museum."

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