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REVIEW: Mike Noirot over at This Mighty Scourge posted a review and 5-part audio interview with producer Michael Aubrecht. We appreciate his validation. LISTEN HERE.

Richard Williams, a renowned author, film producer, and historian has posted the first review of our film. We thank Richard for his very kind words about our production. READ HERE.

With our blockbuster World War I exhibit coming to a close, we were looking for a new film to show to our guests as they enter the museum and ‘The Angel of Marye’s Heights’ was the perfect fit.  The core of our collection centers around Civil War history and Kirkland’s story is that of an ordinary man and something that we feel all of our guests can relate to. The film is looped on our large screen television in the museum’s entryway and we’ve had a number of people stop and watch the whole film in its entirety.  One particular morning when we were hosting home school students the kids even wanted to stop and watch. Kaela Harmon, Advancement Coordinator, Confederate Relic Room and Museum (Columbia SC)

The Angel of Marye’s Heights is not your usual documentary in that it gives you more than the who, what, when, and where of Kirkland’s unparalled act of heroism during the Battle of Fredericksburg.  Rather it goes into the real story—the drama of the battle, the moral conundrum of how a man who could kill at one moment and then be an angel of mercy the next, as well as the pathos of a battle that changed little in the outcome of the Civil War.  Using excellent commentary and top flight state of the art graphics, the viewer is taken back to that fateful day when the carnage of battle concluded and the moral battle within Kirkland raged.  The video also explores his conflict with General Kershaw who ultimately saw the need for Kirkland to fulfill his destiny by giving succor to the wounded and dying Union soldiers who just a short time before had been his enemies but who were now his fellow children of God.  One is left to ponder what Oliver Wendell Holmes described as the “incommunicable bond of brotherhood” by all who shared the horrors of combat during the Civil War.  Kirkland’s star in the pantheon of Christian saints shines more brightly today as a result of the video and its excellent production team.  One is left to ponder the dearth of heroes in contemporary society and to ask where the future Kirkland’s are. - Kenny Rowlette, Director National Civil War Chaplains Museum, Liberty University

“Great stuff. I loved it. Really nice cinematography, editing was solid, acting was solid. Terrific story. Well done. I did not know much about Kirkland and it was a really captivating story. Only problem was it was too short. I wanted more!” - Daniel L Smith, Award winning Director/Stereographer (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Spy Kids 3D, The Solo Adventures) 
"I just watched your Kirkland movie and was super impressed. Very well written and accurate script, use of historians, the graphics were excellent. Overall a very professional looking production. Great job!" - Mac Wyckoff, retired NPS historian and THE leading authority on Richard Kirkland and the 2nd South Carolina Volunteers

“We loved having the Angel of Marye’s Heights film screening as part of our Family Weekend. Parents and students got the chance to see the film and experience historic Brompton all in one afternoon. We are very excited about having the film as part of next year’s activities.” - Abbie McGhee, Coordinator of Community Events and Ceremonies, University of Mary Washington

 “Nothing but good reviews from parents and students. The dedication and enthusiasm to this documentary is reflected in the wonderful quality of the reviews. Looking forward to having this film here again next year.” - Carol Diehl, Special Projects Coordinator, University of Mary Washington

"This film was a poignant, inspiring portrayal of an unassuming hero. It made a touching Civil War story leap from the pages of history and come alive." – Jane Conner, historian and author of Birthstone of the White House and Capitol and Sinners, Saints, & Soldiers in Civil War Stafford. 

"A great Civil War story brilliantly crafted. The use of animation augmenting the experts was superb." – Scott Eyestone, Director/Editor, Civil War Fredericksburg: Then & Now DVD 

"A fine debut from filmmakers Clint Ross and Michael Aubrecht telling the remarkable story of American hero Richard Kirkland, with his touching act of humanity at Fredericksburg in an otherwise brutal war." – Scott C. Boyd, Civil War News

"The Angel of Marye’s Heights demonstrates the selfless civil acts that individual soldiers made in a vastly uncivil war. The film was superbly done and conveys the truly personal side of those who gave all for what they believed." – Tom Van Winkle, Director of Communications, Central VA Battlefields Trust 

"The Angel of Marye’s Heights is as timeless as it is timely. As Americans get set to commemorate our country’s Civil War sesquicentennial, the film and the story it tells are a moving reminder of — and a fitting tribute to — the men behind the monuments." – Mark Coombs, Civil War Preservation Trust

"The Angel of Marye's Heights was a brilliantly produced documentary film about Richard Kirkland's selfless heroism in the eye of the storm. Michael Aubrecht and Clint Ross left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of patrons who attended the premiere. This story is one that needs to be shared across the country." - Chris Williams, freelance writer and critic

"This is a wonderful film and one of the most engaging documentaries I have seen. The narration was superb, the graphics outstanding and the switching back and forth from reenactment to historical pictures was very well done. Great project." – Stan Huie, Mid-Atlantic State Director for Walk Thru the Bible Ministries

"I loved the movie. …such a powerful film. Congratulations." – Maggie Forbes, Executive Director/Campaign Manager at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall 

"This is exceptional--well written, well photographed, with a powerful story. The animation is great as well, and the live actors nail it (sometimes, in these kinds of movies, period actors can be distracting because they don't look like they fit--but not so here)---there are so many strong elements that it becomes a compelling watch throughout, with the perfect ending (his giving meaning to an otherwise meaningless battle). Well done!" – Gary Thomas, best-selling author of multiple Christian books including Pure Pleasure and Sacred Marriage

"The production values; camera work, editing, continuity are really outstanding. The graphics are first-rate, and the opening credits are simply superb. Your referencing the Kirkland statue in the film is a tidy irony, as both the efforts of sculptor as well as filmmaker will continue to so eloquently tell this very worthy, very American story of compassion, charity, and valor." – Mannie Gentile, NPS historian, filmmaker

“I attended the premiere of the film The Angel of Marye’s Heights on Sept. 18 in Lynchburg. I was impressed with the inspiring message about the life of Richard Kirkland of the 2nd SC Infantry. His sacrifice to aid the dying at Fredericksburg is a great example and show how one act of kindness may be all that is needed to make your life remembered by all.” – Brandon Dorsey, Commander SCV Camp 1296, Lexington VA

“You, along with the others are to be commended on this fine piece. It involves a great story and has the touch of a first class production.” – Al Stone, Robert E. Lee in “April 1865” and “The Trial of Robert E. Lee

“The greatest historical movie since The Patriot.” – Nick (8th Grader)